Complex of PC-oriented Methods

OCULAR - The Human Vision Pathologies Diagnostics Program Color Campimetry - The Complex of PC-oriented Methods

Author: Dr. Leonid I. Nesteruk
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Film "Ocular"
Example of test
Example of test
Here You may receive old "Ocular" Demo Version (1992-1995)


  • diagnostics of the retinal, optic nerve and visual pathways pathologies
  • differential diagnostics, topics and the degree of the pathology
  • early diagnostics
  • precise treatment control
  • functional condition in norm
Areas of Application
  • ophthalmology
  • neurology and neuropathology
  • neurosurgery
  • clinical physiology
  • pharmacological investigations
  • general therapy
  • ophthalmoergonomics
The Designed Hardware
  • IBM PC - compartable computer with VGA/SVGA card and monitor.
The Stages of The Eye Fields Investigation
  • kinetic perimetry (campimetry)
  • static perimetry (campimetry)
  • automated static computer perimetry (campimetry)
  • color campimetry
Color campimetry -
General Features of The Complex:
  • the investigations of the central and the peripheral part of the visual field by the areas of 20-40 degrees
  • the time of the investigation 3-9 minutes
  • the automated static computer methods
  • the potentialities of the perimeters Humphrey, Perimat, Peritest, etc.
  • the additional potentialities (for the differential and the early diagnostics)
  • the investigation of the color sensitivity in the visual field
  • the equalization on the subjective luminance in the visual field
  • the wide range of the stimuli and the fixation object parameters
  • the atlas on the typical and rare pathologies (being obtained in the leading  Russian  medical centers)
The Delivery Set
  • "Ocular 3.0"-the program for the diagnostics of the visual system pathologies
  • "Ocular 3A"-the PC-oriented atlas on the visual system pathologies
  • the treatment course
  • the 1 year warranty + free renovation
  • the PC with photometry checked monitor (if necessary)

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