Ocular - complex is the 1st Ophthalmic in Outer Space

Y.Baturin (545x800 jpg 45,8kb)

"Boyan Research - Eyes to Eyes with Space"

(Signed by Y.Baturin)

Cosmonaut - Researcher Yury Baturin - 1st Investigator of
the Visual System in Outer Space

L.Nesteruk, Y.Baturin, A.Prokofiev

Pre-Start Classes and Preparations

A.Prokofiev, Y.Baturin, L.Nesteruk

Y.Baturin & A.Prokofiev


Ocular - complex  is used on the Space vehicle board "Soyuz" and on the Space station "Mir" for precise visual sistem functional condition control.

L.Nesteruk & Y.Baturin

Congratulations to the Cosmonauts with the successful landing 25, August, 1998!

"Ocular" booklet after returning from the Station "Mir".


02, September, 1998, update.

    The "Expedition Number 26", August 13-25, 1998 had the program of investigation being successfully completed.

    The medical part of the Expedition had the primary interest in visual system investigation.

    This fact is worth to be mentioned as the 1st time in the history of the medical Outer Space research.

    The Cosmonaut - Researcher Yury Baturin had performed visual tests every day, except of the 1st day on the Station "Mir". Pre- and after- expedition studies also were done including one right after the landing and during 1 week of adaptation. Visual tests were realized by means of the special PC-notebook program.

    "Ocular - complex" is the PC-oriented battery of psychophysical methods, which were designed for the visual system investigation on the different levels of it's organization. It was sent into Outer Space with Cosmonaut - Researcher Y. Baturin being installed on the PC-notebook as well as on the floppy disk as the reserved copy.

    "Ocular - complex" realizes the following methods:

  1. Visual Acuity verification in achromatic (standard) and colored tables;

  2. Luminance Sensitivity Threshold (LST) detection in the Central Part of the Visual Field;

  3. Colored combinations of LST studies;

  4. Rhythm's acquisition and reproduction dynamics after the complicated visual stimulation;

  5. "Simple" cognitive functions investigation after the visual stimulation of varied spatial and temporal complexity.

    The conditions of the experiments were highly complicated. And it will take a time for the comlete data processing and interpretation.

    The preliminary analysis of data demonstrate the following:

The data are under processing.

The additional information is coming.

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